Minecraft, Roblox, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Sonic and Pacman. Pretty much everyone knows about at LEAST one of these games, some are more modern, others have been around for just about a century.

My favourite 3D first person game.... Fencing

Fencing comes from the ancient art of swordfighting, which over the years has been a fascination I have had from reading history books or watching jedi fighters take on each other on the big screen.

Fencing is not a sport that gets a lot of exposure in the media, apart from Eurosport it is hardly ever on TV. So I had only very little knowledge of the game when I first started looking for a club. In fact the only thing I really knew was that I was quite good at swashbuckling my dad.

Fortunately after some searching I found a club only a few miles away and they offered to join their training hour for five times before I had to make a choice. During these sessions I got to know about the basic rules, the type of weapons and got to learn a bit of French as well ;-)

So... en garde....pret.... allez